RPG Transmission Ltd.

RPG Transmission erected Power Transmission Lines and had great difficulty assessing the progress of the tower erection. Excel (part of MsOffice) could generate charts depicting each of the tower in any transmission path. However, they could not have a clear view of what occurred between the charts, i.e. between two towers beyond the charted range.

I was hired for creating an Excel Addin, whereby I could create charts in a different way. To give an example:

Bar Charts showed 10 Towers, say from 1 to 10, 11 to 20 and so on.

My program created Special Bar Charts, from 1 to 10, 9-19, 18 to 27 and so on.

Additionally, my program would create a Graphic, showing all Six Stages of Completion.



RPG Transmission Ltd.

Appointed to teach for 14 days, my contract was renewed 3 times and I taught whole of their office at Vasant Lok, Vasant Vihar.

I taught them all of MsOffice, and also conducted examination. Those who did not clear in the first attempt, were made to undergo another bout of training and re-examined.



Guest Faculty, CMC Ltd.

I took umpteen classes for various public sector institutions, teaching advanced MsOffice, PageMaker, dBASE III Plus and OCR. Some of them were as follows:

AISLUS, PusaWord and OCR
ICCRWord and OCR
CMC Corporate OfficeWord, OCR
Retiring Defense OfficersWord and dBASE III Plus


Guest Faculty, NIIT

I took umpteen classes for various corporate houses, teaching advanced MsOffice. Some of them were as follows:

SGS Thompson Ltd, NoidaPageMaker 6.5
Indian Institute of Mass CommunicationsWord and PageMaker
NYK LogisticsAdvanced Excel
McKinsiePageMaker, CorelDraw and Macromedia
IRCONAdvanced Excel


STG International Ltd., Gurgaon & Delhi

Joined as Corporate Trainer to teach Advanced MsOffice topics in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and MsProject at Gurgaon & Greater Kailash Center.

Promoted as Asstt. Mgr Content Developer, within 9 months!

Everyone was impressed about my training and English speaking & writing capability. Within a few months, my training schedule was trimmed and asked to write, rewrite previously written training documentation.

At STG, I excelled at the following:

  • Improved Corporate Training on MsOffice & MsProject for clients
  • Rewriting training manuals for all corporate training
  • Designing hands-on training booklets for the newly released Windows Vista & Office 2007 programs
  • Creating documentation for training on LMS (Learning Management Systems)
  • Writing new books on software for future training courses in Linux
  • Editing pre-written manuscripts for software training
  • Designing course documentation for their prestigious “Final Touch” training program on Dot Net.
  • Rewriting old software manuals to update as per latest version
  • Creating presentations in PowerPoint for Teaching Strategy for bagging Tenders
  • Formatting existing course ware using Desk Top Publishing software in an attractive design


Catura Broadband (www.TopChalks.com)

Create video-based tutorials on Word, Excel and PowerPoint in three levels: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced in English, Hindi and Marathi.

  • Created Content for all courses
  • Led the Marketing Team for web promotion
  • Created Supplementary Documentation for Lab Sessions
  • Helped create additional documentation to avoid Sales Tax on the software CD marketed in a box package



Trained many office employees on Advanced MsOffice topics in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and MsProject.

Karrox TechnologiesSAMSUNG, Noida
Ocean Technocrats
  • ITBP, Scope Complex
  • NRDC, Zamroodpur
  • LG Electronics
Trifin TechnologiesAIIMS
Path InfotechNestle, Gurgaon & Delhi

Edited books on Software, Hardware, Travel and Religious topics



Systems India

About the Company

A startup offering solutions to convert plain Desktop websites to Responsive and get better ranking in SERPs.

My Role

  • Rewrite all content of client websites and offer suggestions for better ranking
  • Create blogs and articles that fetched back links for greater visibility
  • Review product descriptions and re-word it for easy understanding
  • Assisting clients in selecting themes that allow more content above the fold
  • Guiding newly joined content writers in SEO

My Achievements

  • Increased conversions and interactions as visitors put queries
  • Boosted Search Engine Rankings with reduced bounce rate
  • Renewed contracts as clients benefited from my work
  • Bettered page views because of smart theme selection


Coloursquare Pvt Ltd

About the Company
An advertising agency with substantial work in printing brochures, leaflets, and corporate reports. They also specialized in fabrication of stalls in exhibitions. Also forayed into websites creation and promotion.

My Role

A.  For Print Related Work

  • Copywriting for Brochures, Leaflets, Display Boards and Posters for Exhibitions.
  • Content Writing for Corporate Reports

For Websites

  • Content Writing for Blogs, Articles, Pages (About Us, Disclaimer, Branding and Offers) and Social Posts
  • Creating text for Newsletters and email Marketing, and
  • Client Liaisoning.

Copywriting Achievements

—USP इसमें कम कुछ भी नहींNanya e-Rickshaw
—Newsletters, brochures, leaflets, email MarketingREHAU Pvt Ltd
—Leaflets and Product BrochuresLUMAX
—Product brochuresHardwyn

Bettered Content, Design and Layout of Client websites

—Alishaan Ricesunstaroverseas.com
—Meditech Electronicsmeditechelectronics.com
—Hitech Enviroheecpl.com
—D.R. Internationaldrinternational.com


eMavens Web Solutions

About the Company

Create e-commerce websites for clients on a turnkey basis and do everything to raise their Search Engine ranking. They also had their main website, plus Travel websites on Kashmir.

My Roles:
A.  For Clients’ websites

  • Find the means to bring visitors and keep them engaged and thus keep Google interested!
  • Handling clients and discuss the promotion strategy: (i) type of engagement with visitors, and (ii) organizing contests, and
  • Sending newsletters to clients & emails to all our subscribers to prod them to purchase more.

B.  For Company’s main & Travel websites on Kashmir

  • Rewrite customer experiences & testimonials on Kashmir to aid future sales
  • Recreate travel itineraries and better them with thoughtful additions
  • Regularly adding content on main website to maintain their number 1 status in Google’s SERPs.

My Achievements

  • Bettered Travel Itineraries for Kashmir Tours brought 18% more sales!
  • Authored creative text on Kashmir Travel helped visitors to stay and read, pleasing Google.
  • Improved visitor engagement on almost all clients’ websites by using Catchy Headlines which brought over 22% in sales and feedback.
  • Reduced bounce rates which pleased our clients.
  • Cultivated visitors’ thought process and they started asking queries showing their renewed interest
  • Attracted more inputs from Facebook visitors with thought-provoking infographics, GIFs and interesting contests
  • Simple wording on complex topics like SaaS got accolades and helped my company retain its leadership!

The blogs I created for varied websites.

Nutritional Supplements
Kids Garmentsholybrats.com
Academic Booksacademicbag.com