eMavens Web Solutions

About the Company

Create e-commerce websites for clients on a turnkey basis and do everything to raise their Search Engine ranking. They also had their main website, plus Travel websites on Kashmir.

My Roles:
A.  For Clients’ websites

  • Find the means to bring visitors and keep them engaged and thus keep Google interested!
  • Handling clients and discuss the promotion strategy: (i) type of engagement with visitors, and (ii) organizing contests, and
  • Sending newsletters to clients & emails to all our subscribers to prod them to purchase more.

B.  For Company’s main & Travel websites on Kashmir

  • Rewrite customer experiences & testimonials on Kashmir to aid future sales
  • Recreate travel itineraries and better them with thoughtful additions
  • Regularly adding content on main website to maintain their number 1 status in Google’s SERPs.

My Achievements

  • Bettered Travel Itineraries for Kashmir Tours brought 18% more sales!
  • Authored creative text on Kashmir Travel helped visitors to stay and read, pleasing Google.
  • Improved visitor engagement on almost all clients’ websites by using Catchy Headlines which brought over 22% in sales and feedback.
  • Reduced bounce rates which pleased our clients.
  • Cultivated visitors’ thought process and they started asking queries showing their renewed interest
  • Attracted more inputs from Facebook visitors with thought-provoking infographics, GIFs and interesting contests
  • Simple wording on complex topics like SaaS got accolades and helped my company retain its leadership!

The blogs I created for varied websites.

Nutritional Supplements
Kids Garmentsholybrats.com
Academic Booksacademicbag.com